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White Dressing Truing Stick (for Fining Wheel)

White Dressing Truing Stick (for Fining Wheel)
The Perfect Tool to Hone Wheels to Like-New Condition
OptiSource Truing/ Dressing / Honing sticks bring new life back to diamond wheels. Our popular White (fining) Dressing Stick works great on all wheels. This White Dressing Stick dresses Finishing Wheels for like-new cutting action. Protect your expensive diamond wheels with the proper maintenance they deserve. *The Brown (roughing) Truing Stick is also available. This more-coarse Truing Stick is for QUICKLY restoring Roughing Wheels to a like-new condition, reviving cutting action on worn and used wheels. (use product code: 40-BTS for the Brown Dressing / Truing / Honing stick).

  • Used for Fining Wheel
  • Revives cutting action on worn diamond wheels
  • Keeps diamond wheels clean and sharp
  • Cleans out ground materials
  • Brown (roughing) Dressing / Truing / Honing Stick is also available
  • 240 grit
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