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Optical Tools


Having the right tools for the job makes everything easier. Stock up through OptiSource, and save on the tools you use every day like optical tweezers, optical pliers, replacement screws, calipers, and more. We offer everything from optical tool kits to individual items, including specialized tools and tools designed for comfort.


Beyond Optical Tweezers


Optical tweezers are just one of many different tools that we sell. The full range of optical tools is designed to be used by professionals who are actively manufacturing eyeglasses, although some of them can also be useful for people who wear glasses and want to be prepared for a quick fix if a screw comes loose or a small part needs replacement.

On our website you'll find everything you need. From a precise lens caliper to optical pliers, soldering supplies, and tool holders, we have it all. Doing any kind of replacement work on personal eyeglasses without a specialized screwdriver is very difficult. Having the right size screwdriver will make things much easier, as will having optical tweezers designed to hold and position the small screws required for the typical eyeglass frame. Whether you wear one pair of glasses or assemble hundreds each day, our tools can help make your life easier.