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FRAME-PARTS Screws - Thread * Length * Head

The Widest Variety of Optical Screws

Having trouble finding the right rimless screws or other specialty hardware? Not when you choose OptiSource for your optical hardware needs. We have a very wide selection of hardware, ranging from self-tapping eyewire screws to self aligning screws for spring hinges. All of it is forged from the highest quality materials and built to last. In addition, it all comes with our satisfaction, support, and great low prices!

Having trouble finding some particular type of optical hardware? Give our professionals a call and we'll see what we can do. We specialize in uncommon optical screws that other companies just can't or won't offer. All of our hardware components are built for durability and performance, forged from the highest quality materials and designed to stay put for years.

Snap-It Screws

Since they first hit the market, Snap-it screws have completely changed the way individuals think about optical screws. Instead of worrying about clipping screws, Snap-it screws have a long bottom part which snaps away cleanly with just finger pressure. This makes doing your own repairs easy, even if you don't know how to repair eyeglasses. In addition, Snap-it has all the best features of our other rimless screws. The self-tapping design combined with our OptiSource Stay-Tight thread lock technology ensure that Snap-it screws offer the best in quality and effectiveness while being incredibly easy to install.