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Replacement Frame Parts


No matter how well made a pair of glasses is it will eventually need repair. Eyeglasses take a lot of wear and tear each day, which tends to loosen the small optical screws which hold them together over time. When these optical screws fall out, it's nearly impossible to keep track of them. Instead, pick up some replacement eyeglass screws. Repairing your glasses becomes as simple as replacing a screw and the parts are surprisingly inexpensive!


Nose Pad Replacement & Larger Components


Virtually any part of your eyeglasses can be replaced. We offer the most common replacement parts for glasses, including nose pad replacement parts and temple tips. Attaching these more complex components is usually a job for an expert with specialized tools, but the screws and other small jobs can easily be completed by an individual with no formal eyeglass repair training. Just make sure you know what kind of screws you need to properly repair your glasses. Leave selection of temple tips and other hardware in the hands of professionals.  


Buy In Volume, Enjoy Discounts

For eyeglass repair professionals, our selection offers more than just choice. When you buy in bulk from us, you'll get great optical products and great prices. We stand behind everything we sell and want to ensure that you are always completely satisfied.