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Microfiber Lens Cloth


OptiSource offers an unmatched selection of bulk lens cleaning cloth packages. Our cloths come in a rainbow of colors and feature the most advanced cleaning technology to ensure a clear view without risking scratching. Most of our glasses cleaning cloth options can be customized with your office imprint if desired, but are also attractive with no imprint at all.


Microfiber lens cloth is widely recognized as the superior choice for eyeglass cleaning. Our high quality lens cleaning cloth selection is made from high quality microfiber, designed to minimize any risk of scratching and provide the most impeccable clean. One of the big advantages of a microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is that it can function and clean even without a spray cleaner. When combined with a spray cleaner, microfiber still provides superior cleaning action without scratches.


Our selection of microfiber cloths includes an array of different colors, brands and styles. All of the choices are designed to provide maximum cleaning power at minimum cost. Most customers prefer microfiber to any other cleaning cloth because of the visible difference. Patients can keep a cleaning cloth in their pocket or purse for on-the-go glasses cleaning without worrying about leaks and hassle commonly caused by carrying cleaning liquid.

We also offer a wide variety of other cleaning tools, including individually packaged pre-moistened wipes, fog control tools, and much more!