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Clip On Sunglasses


Why spend twice when you already have glasses? For prescription eyeglass wearers, clip on sunglasses are the financially smart and hassle-free choice. Instead of worrying about carrying around two pairs of glasses – which may both need to be prescription, depending on the patient – they can just obtain flip up sunglasses which go right over their existing prescription lenses.


Secure and Effective Flip Up Sunglasses

Although similar to clip on sunglasses, flip up sunglasses are technically different. Both are added to existing prescription eyeglasses and do not require any kind of additional prescriptions themselves. All that is required to successfully fit a flip or clip-on sunglasses addition is to know the size of the glasses it needs to cover. The clips attach securely using little grips, typically located along the outer rim of the clip on. These snap gently into place, and hold the addition securely for as long as needed. When no longer necessary, they can simply be snapped back off and the regular glasses can be used alone. Flip up sunglasses are similar, but they flip up and down to cover or expose the glasses without being removed. OptiSource offers secure flip ups that won't scratch your glasses or have their flip mechanism break. These durable options are unmatched in convenience for active lifestyles, or for people on the go.