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Optical Accessories

Our website isn't just about selling industry leading optical products to professional optical laboratories. We also offer fun accessories for the individual eyeglass wearer and tools to help you enjoy life with your glasses or contact lenses. From dry eye sunglasses and reading glasses to eyeglass cases and eyewear retainers, our wide selection of accessories has something for almost everyone.

Our dry eye sunglasses are specifically designed to shelter and comfort eyes that do not produce adequate moisture. Many models are designed with specialized foam lined frames, yet they don't look any different from typical sunglasses! These styles provide a valuable barrier between your sensitive eyes and allergens which may contribute to the dryness. A sunglass visor clip can be used for much more than car visors! Keep your eyeglasses handy on any kind of strap with this useful gadget.

We also offer a wide variety of other products, including sunglass clip-ons, eyeglass cases, reading glasses, retainers such as the new and innovative Cablz, and contact lens case options. All of these are available individually and in bulk, making us the perfect choice for individuals and major retailers alike. Our extensive selection of eyeglass cases and contact lens cases offers items which provide necessary protection for delicate contacts and eyeglasses. Without protection, the lifespan of eyeglasses and contact lenses is shortened dramatically. Browse our supply and decide what type of protection and storage is best for you!