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Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers

Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers
Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers
Perform the Toughest Cutting Jobs, SIMPLY!
ITEM: #34-OSTHF039
BRAND: OptiSource
This Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers are an industrial strength plier made with extra cutting power. With the Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers you can perform the toughest cutting job with ease, such as core wire and heavy nickel-silver screws. Just let the plier do the work! The extended handles add to the already intense cutting power strength. The Heavy-Duty Cutting Pliers will never need sharpening due to its continuously lasting cutting strength, cut after cut. The Double-leaf spring is designed for convenience and comfort. A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase.

  • Industrial strength made with extra cutting power
  • Extended handles for added strength
  • EXCELLENT for cutting core wires and heavy Nickel silver screws
  • Continuously powerful, no need for sharpening
  • Double-leaf spring designed for convenience and comfort
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