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Ultra Kote UV

Ultra Kote UV
Offer Patients Scratch Coating and UV Protection to 400 nm in ONE EASY Step!
BRAND: OptiSource

If you are looking to combine UV and Scratch Coat protection in a SIMPLE 2-minute step, look no further than OptiSource's PREMIUM Ultra Kote UV solution.  There's no baking or curing required. Simply pour this solution into your tint pan, add water, heat to 200 degrees F° / 96 degrees C° and dip your CR-39 lenses for only 2 minutes.  It's that EASY! Try Ultra Kote UV today, you've got nothing to lose, and it's guaranteed! Makes 1 quart.

Unit: 8 oz bottle  

  • FAST-acting 3-minute UV and scratch-coat protection combination
  • AR compatible
  • Drain-safe, biodegradable
  • No clumping or crystallization
  • Virtually no yellowing
  • Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB up to 400 nm
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