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Temple Tips

Temple tips is the industry name for the arms of the glasses which go across the wearer's temple. They're not actually just tips, and they can have a big impact on how comfortable a pair of glasses is to wear. OptiSource offers a wide variety of different temple tips in various colors and shapes, allowing a pair of glasses to be customized and made more comfortable as needed.

As an optical supply company at the forefront of industry innovation, we're proud to offer an exceptionally wide variety of tips and covers. One of our newest products is a silicon-covered temple tip, designed to conform to the face and alleviate some of the discomfort that can be associated with more traditional temple tips. The silicon provides comfort and yet is still as tough and durable as the classic material of most glasses. Replacement is designed to be easy, but should still be done by a professional. Obtaining the measurements required to find the right size from the optical supply company can be a difficult task, one that should only be handled by a professional.

In addition to replacements for undamaged tips, we also offer replacements for tips which have become broken or deformed. Our big selection allows us to match a lot of different frame styles, ensuring minimal difference in appearance after the damage is fixed. We sell our temple tips individually as well as in packs, so you can get as many or as few as needed for each job.