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Black Lens Holder

Black Lens Holder
Black Lens Holder
No-Slip, Grip-Tight Lens Holders. Guaranteed to Never Release the Lens During Tinting
ITEM: #99-LH2
BRAND: OptiSource

OptiSource's Lens Holders end the confusion and frustration of contaminating valuable lab chemicals. They are compatible with gradient systems and hold lenses with a spring-loaded grip. With the ability to treat two lenses at once, our Lens Holders come in black or white high-impact Delrin plastic!  Use this black Lens Holder for all of your dye colors. *Available white Lens Holder for UV and neutralizer solutions.  dye colors.

  • Color-coded for dye colors
  • Spring- loaded grip
  • Treats two lenses at once
  • Compatible with gradient systems
  • High-impact Delrin plastic


Height-  7 1/8”

Length base – 2”

Width at base- 1”

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