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All Off Marking Ink Remover Pen

All Off Marking Ink Remover Pen
EASILY Erase the Most Stubborn, Progressive Ink Markings With Our Convenient ALL OFF pen.
BRAND: OptiSource
It’s here! The ALL OFF PEN is in stock. The pen is aluminum with a step down design to hold the cap. The tip is a compressed fiber, shaped like a pencil tip. All Off will remove markings from approximately 100 lenses. The unique valve-action mechanism dispenses All Off to the ink absorbing tip. Simply press down and rub away the most stubborn ink markings in just seconds. Cleaning with cloths or wipes is not necessary. Enjoy our BEST selling All Off progressive marking ink remover in this EASY-to-use pen. 

Unit: 1 pen

  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Instantly dissolve and remove any and all ink markings in just seconds - approx. 100 lenses
  • Eliminates cloth or cotton swab applications
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