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All Off Marking Ink Remover 4 oz

All Off Marking Ink Remover 4 oz
Remove the Most Stubborn Ink Markings in Just 3 Seconds Flat! Instantly Dissolves and Removes Ink Markings FASTER and Safer Than Acetone
ITEM: #99-AO4

The All Off Marking Ink Remover is safer than caustic Acetone and will never ruin a Polycarbonate Lens. It instantly dissolves and removes any progressive ink markings with the industry's most widely used solution. Simply apply with a swab, cloth or even dip into solution for 2 seconds. All Off Marking Ink Remover is used by more labs than any other marking ink remover in the world. All Off is our customers' choice for ink removal and it is no wonder why it is the winner of the OPTICAL Laboratories Association Award of Excellence.

Unit: 4 oz bottle

    • Acetone-free and safe on Polycarbonate Lenses
    • Improve lab safety and efficiency
    • Reduces lens re-makes
    • No scrubbing, eliminates unwanted micro scratches
    • Dries instantly; no oily residue
    • Also effective as an all-around lens cleaner and final cleanser for AR-coating prep


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