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Fatheadz Equity XL Toffee (139mm)

Fatheadz Equity XL Toffee (139mm)
Fatheadz Equity XL Toffee (139mm)
The Undisputed Leader in Oversized Eyewear
ITEM: #99-375-FB-00195
Size: 59-18-150

Width: 139mm

Lens Height: 34mm

Frame Color: Chocolate/Silver

Frame Material: Metal/Plastic

*All Fatheadz come in a black Tri-Fold Case

Preferred Stock: Preferred Stock is Fatheadz premier line of XL eyewear. Designed for today’s modern larger headed men, they are contemporary frames with smart styling. The Preferred Stock lineup was crafted from the start with the latest technological advances available in the eyewear industry to be sure to provide durability, comfort, and style. Eye sizes up to 65mm and frame widths up to 152mm

Situation: A customer enters your store and is seeking a stylish frame to fit their larger head size. They have never been able to find an Rx-able frame that specifically addresses their wider head size. A fair price is also a determining factor when purchasing. They are trying on pair after pair throughout the store and seem to be struggling with overall comfort and fit.

Solution: You have the ideal solution for them. “Preferred Stock” and “Dea Preferred Stock” are collections you can offer them thanks to Fatheadz Eyewear. Fatheadz Eyewear offer customers an array of larger sized frames to accommodate their size and budget. A common response from a customer trying on a Fatheadz frame… “This the first pair of glasses that have ever fit me.”