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Polycarbonate Polish Stick

Polycarbonate Polish Stick
Firm Compound Results in Gleaming Polished Edges
ITEM: #71-BX-7058
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $24.99
Polish your Polycarbonate Lenses QUICKLY and EASILY with our Polycarbonate Edge Polish Stick. Polycarbonate Edge Polish Stick, along with our other "Big Stick" polishing rouge compounds, serve for use on each lens material. Use Polycarbonate Edge Polish Stick to RAPIDLY buff lens edges to a high luster. Huge 1 lb. bar.

Unit: 1 lb bar 

  • RAPIDLY buffs lens edges to a high luster
  • Works great on Polycarbonate Lenses
  • EASY-to-use
  • Peel away wrapper
  • Clean and economical
  • Keeps hands clean
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