Sunday, April 20, 2014
Innovation Optilense RedeRest Optipet Lens Cleaner
First-of-Its Kind 3-in-1 Lens Inspection Station
  • PAL Identifier - Brings “invisible” PAL markings into focus
  • Polariscope - Identifies “hidden” stress in mounted lenses and injection molded lens blanks. Allows user to identify tempered glass lenses
  • Final Inspection Lamp - White light allows user to identify any abnormalities in the finished eyewear
Universal Camera-Phone Adapter for all Conventional Slit Lamps
  • Inexpensive solution that allows ophthalmologist’s to use their mobile device to upload store and share their slit lamp clinical findings with other professionals. 
  • Attach adapter to the slit lamp and obtain high resolution images using your smartphone.
The quickest, best solution to fixing your glasses
  • This pocket-size eyeglass repair kit allows you to repair your glasses at anytime-anywhere
  • Includes 5 different size Snapit screws and special screwdriver
  • Drop it in, Screw it down, Snap it Off, and you're done!
Precise controls yield VERY accurate results
  • This finely crafted lensmeter is hand made to the highest standards.
  • It uses superior quality optics and includes a prism compensator in its user-friendly design.
  • Chemistry machinery edging
  • sufracing tools frame parts
  • exam supplies accessories lens cleaners
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