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CR-39 Edge Polish Stick

CR-39 Edge Polish Stick
Firm Compound Results in Gleaming Polished Edges
ITEM: #71-BX-7057
BRAND: Lab Pro
Price: $24.99
Polish your CR-39 lenses QUICKLY and EASILY with our CR-39 Edge Polish Stick. CR-39 Edge Polish Stick, along with our other "Big Stick" polishing rouge compounds, serve for use on each lens materials. Use CR-39 Edge Polish Stick to RAPIDLY buff lens edges to a high luster. Huge 1 lb. bar.

Unit: 1 lb bar 

  • RAPIDLY buffs lens edges to a high luster
  • Works great on CR-39 Lenses
  • EASY-to-use
  • Peel away wrapper
  • Clean and economical
  • Keeps hands clean
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