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Trial Lens Set

Trial Lens Set
266 Lenses Allow for Exact Diagnosis of Patients
Price: $469.99
This set of 266, HIGH-QUALITY, OPHTHALMIC glass trial lenses is suitable for examining all patients. The metal rimmed lenses are durable and EASY to handle. The trial lenses are housed in a durable, locking leather case, with a removable wooden lens tray. A cleaning cloth is included. Set includes spheres from +/- .25 D to 20.00 D, cylinders from +/- .25 D to 6.00 D, prism from .50 D to 10.00 D, and 10 auxiliary lenses.

Kit Includes: 266 trial lenses, leather holding case, removable wooden lens tray, and cleaning cloth included

  • 266, HIGH-QUALITY, OPHTHALMIC glass trial lenses
  • Widest range of trial lens parameters
  • Metal-Rimmed lenses
  • Durable, locking leather case with removable wooden tray
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Durable Aluminum Case