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Super Buff - 3" Diameter, 50-Ply

Super Buff - 3" Diameter, 50-Ply
Longer Lasting, SUPERIOR working Buffing Pad. No Wonder Why it is Called SUPER!
ITEM: #03-17.704
Price: $9.99
Super Buff is made of 100% cotton, SPECIALLY treated with a UNIQUE patented process which removes impurities and makes the cloth finer and virtually lint-free. The abrasive elements found in ordinary cloths have been removed, which means the Super Buff will last up to 50% longer. Since Buff changes are less frequent it means there will be less machine down time. The Super Buff hardly frays at all, so it uses less polishing compound. The compound holds better on the buff for a smoother, more uniform finish. Super Buff features 4 rows and shellac centers. This is a 3", 50-Ply Super Buff Buffing Pad.
  • 100% cotton
  • SPECIALLY treated to make the cloth finer and virtually lint-free
  • 50% longer than other Buffing Pads
  • VERY LIMITED fraying; less polishing compound which holds better
  • SAVES time and money
  • 4 rows and shellac centers