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Poly Edge Glaze 8 oz.

Poly Edge Glaze 8 oz.
Wipe frosted edge of poly lens with this product to achieve a glossy finish in just a few seconds.
Price: $59.99
Poly edges are cloudy after edging, but not anymore with OptiSource's Poly Edge Glaze. It is super-effective for producing a clear, finished look on edged Poly Lenses. Just wipe on Poly Edge Glaze and let it dry. Simply put this custom chemical onto a cotton swab, wipe around the Poly Lens edge and watch the edges of that lens shine.  It is also great for drill mounts holes, keeping them from cracking.

Unit: 8 oz bottle 


  • Please note that this chemical is NOT biodegradable, and should be used with caution.
  • Available in 8 oz. quantities only
  • An easy-to-use product that is very  effective.