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Lens Prep Gallon

Lens Prep Gallon
Improve Tinting Speed and Consistency With No Additional Work
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $59.99

OptiSource Lens Prep is your final cleansing tool before chemical treatment. BEST when used heated, it prepares the lens for tint or UV by first cleaning the lens of oils, then preheating the lens for FASTER absorption of your chemicals. Simply dip your lenses into Lens Prep for 30 seconds, then put them right into the dye for an AMAZING improvement. Lens Prep cleans and pre-heats the lens. The open pores on preheated lenses QUICKLY and evenly absorb dye and UV. *Can also be used cold.

Unit: 1 Gallon

  • Pre-heats and cleans the lens
  • Works hot or cold
  • Reduce tinting and UV treating times
  • Improves tinting consistency
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