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Crimson King Full Eye Round 22mm

Crimson King Full Eye Round 22mm
ITEM: #04-1905R
Roll Quantities :
Price: $59.99
The Crimson King Blocking Pad are designed to perform on today's "slick" top coatings. The Crimson King's unique adhesive works great on all lenses and coatings, bonds securely and yet removes cleanly with no residue. The Blocking Pad's tough rubber defies tearing and will not twist or turn during edging. Try the Crimson King today!

Unit: Roll of 1,000 Oor 2,000 pads 


  • Designed for edging Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Coated - Lenses
  • SAVES hundreds of dollars in ruined edging jobs
  • Will not twist, turn or tear during edging
  • Removes cleanly and leaves no residue
  • Performs when all else fails
  • Eliminates the need for additional pads and tapes