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Black Lens Marking Pen for AR Coatings

Black Lens Marking Pen for AR Coatings
For EASY Marking of AR Coated Lenses
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This Lens Marking Pen is used for AR coatings It can EASILY be distinguished from the non-AR coating pens, by the outlined letter "F" and the permanent SPECIAL text. These fine-point Lens Marking Pens make lens marking a cinch. The Lens Marking Pen is also waterproof. *Can EASILY be removed with ALL OFF or Alcohol. SAVE time and order both now!

Unit: 1 pen


  • Effective on AR Coatings
  • Fine-point with EASILY distinguished "F" outline
  • Removes EASILY with ALL OFF or Alcohol
  • Waterproof
  • Hilco part number 201830000
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