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Every eyeglass case we sell is handpicked for fashion and function alike. Whether you're looking for something very basic or want to give a more ornate and exciting option as a gift, we can help! We offer clients a great selection sure to tempt their clients. From fun options like animal print eyeglass cases to classic leather, we don't disappoint.


An Eyeglass Case for Every Pair


For many customers, finding the right eyeglass case is a long and involved process. There are many different styles to choose from, often with distinct functional benefits. Some may have a belt loop or belt clip, allowing them to be portable. But that added bulk may not be desirable or necessary for a woman, whose purse would easily accommodate a smaller, sleek eyeglass case. Then there is the question of lining. Some cases are lined with a super-soft "safety" material that may prevent scratches better than other lining options.

How the case opens and closes offers even more choice. There are hard-shell cases which must flip open like a typical clamshell. In addition, there are soft cases which can be squeezed open or have a flap covering the opening. Side clip varieties are available in soft and hard shell. OptiSource has all of these and more, available wholesale to opticians and eyeglass specialists.