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Dry UV Packet

Dry UV Packet
If Space and Shipping Costs Are a Problem, We've Got the Answer
BRAND: OptiSource

OptiSource Dry UV Packets provide an alternative to the premixed bottles that may take up your precious shelf space.  Each EASY-to-use, self-dissolving packet, contains enough powdered formula to produce a full quart of UV solution. Let OptiSource reduce your shipping charges by 1/3. Simply drop this Dry UV Packet in warm water, heat to 200° Fahrenheit, 96° Centigrade, and start UV treating lenses. These revolutionary Dry UV Packets weigh less than 1 oz., are 3 x 3" in size and can EASILY be shipped in mailing envelopes for convenience. Just try OptiSource Dry UV Packets today.

Unit: 1 packet 

  • Simply drop in water and the packet instantly dissolves, releasing UV
  • Shipped in dry form; just add water
  • SIMPLE and efficient to store and handle, inexpensive to ship
  • Provides 100% UVA and UVB protection within 5 minutes
  • 100% water soluble, solvent free
  • AR-compatible, Biodegradable and odorless
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