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SecurEdge Teardrop Blocking Pad 19 x 16mm

SecurEdge Teardrop Blocking Pad 19 x 16mm
Huge Selection of Quality SecurEdge Brand Blocking Pad
ITEM: #04-1703SE
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $59.99
SecurEdge Blocking Pad from OptiSource International are the industry's newest innovation in blocking pad. With a unique foam substrate and proprietary adhesive, they provide dependable torque resistance on every job. SecurEdge Blocking Pad offer an option when it comes to today's edging challenges. Many customers find a quality advantage with SecurEdge Blocking Pad and GREAT SAVINGS as well! This Teardrop, SecurEdge Blocking Pad is 19 x 16 mm.

Unit: Roll of 1,000 pads

  • Newest innovation in blocking pad
  • Unique foam substrate and proprietary adhesive
  • Dependable torque resistance on every job
  • Reputation for a quality advantage