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Cold Dip Scratch Protection

Cold Dip Scratch Protection
Provides a Super Slick, Anti-Static Scratch Coating Without Heating or Baking
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $59.99

Using the same technology found on fighter plane windshields, this SIMPLE Cold Dip Scratch Protection solution, creates a slick surface that instantly bonds to the lens. Even at Mach speed, your patient's lenses will be protected. It's much harder to scratch lenses when dirt, dust and debris won't stick! Use Cold Dip Scratch Protectant at room temperature and SAVE your valuable tint unit space. No heating or SPECIAL machinery is necessary, making it EASY to use. *To keep this coating as good as new, promote HyperGuard lens cleaner to your customers for daily cleaning and dust repellence.

Unit: 1 Quart

  • SIMPLE dip-and-rinse process at room temperature
  • Instantly applies a super-slick coating
  • No baking or curing required
  • Same formula used for military jet windshields
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