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CR-39 Nu-Tralizer Quart

CR-39 Nu-Tralizer Quart
No More Waiting For Lenses to Lighten Up. Get Results FAST
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $24.99

Introducing the FASTEST neutralizer in the industry…CR-39 Nu-Tralizer. Specifically formulated for CR-39 and High Index Lenses, you can RAPIDLY remove tint. Stubborn or old lenses are no problem. OptiSource's CR-39 Nu-Tralizer will get the color out where others will not.

Unit: 1 quart

  • Performs on CR-39 and High-Index Lenses
  • Unique self-cleaning formula
  • Change less often; SAVE money!
  • 21% FASTER than any other neutralizer
  • Drain-safe, biodegradable
  • Takes color out of lenses, that other neutralizers can't
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