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3m Surface Saver II Tape (Med-Temp)

3m Surface Saver II Tape (Med-Temp)
SAVE Your Surfaces, PROTECT Your Investments
ITEM: #08-3M1641
Price: $44.99
3M Surface saver II Tape offers the longest roll of tape available for fewer change-outs. This HIGH-QUALITY tape offers SUPERIOR scratch protection during surfacing. It also makes for VERY EASY blocking. 3M Surface saver II Tape offers two blocking levels: High and Medium. This product serves for your "High" temperature alloy blocking as well as your "Medium" temperature blocking. Each Tape level conforms to all types of lens styles and base curves. 3M Surface saver II preserves progressive markings for accurate alignment, processing, inspection and curves. This is a non-messy release paper, making for a clean tape removal. Size: (4" x 36 yards).

Unit: 1 Roll (4" x 36 yards)

  • Linerless roll brings on no mess and twice the tape
  • 3M quality and innovation to suit all users
  • HIGHEST QUALITY heat protection on the available market!
  • Medium-Temperature Alloy Blocking