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OptiSource offers the industry-standard testing cards and devices necessary to accurately diagnose and treat your patients. Being able to perform a thorough and accurate vision test is a crucial first step in any ophthalmologist's examination process. Tools like the Snellen eye chart and near vision test card have been used for years to determine a first assessment of vision and inform initial findings about possible illnesses. We offer these time-tested tools at a discount for your office. In addition to basics like the near vision test card and Snellen eye chart, OptiSource offers some of today's most advanced diagnostic technologies. Our pupilometers and other tools are designed to resist damage and improper calibration, providing the most accurate results in the short term and for years to come.



Ortopad is the leading provider of comfortable and effective adhesive eye patches. The company has grown incredibly since it produced its first eye patch. Now, it has many different styles and sizes available to suit children and adults, boys and girls. Some have patterns, but non-patterned plain versions are also available. These pads are effective at blocking out light, but can also be used for vision testing applications to block off one eye while testing the other. Our eye pads are available in packs of 50, offering enough for an office or for home use.