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Optifog Activator Kit (Case of 20)

  Optifog Activator Kit (Case of 20)
Price: $120.00

Exclusively for lenses with Optifog™ treatment.  When paired with the Optifog Activator, lenses with Optifog offer unmatched durability against foggy vision.


In daily activities at home, work and play, fogged lenses can be a real bother for

your patients. Introducing Optifog, a new breakthrough technology with superior anti-fog properties. First available with Crizal® lenses, this technologically advanced combination provides the incredible scratch, glare and dust protection you expect from Crizal lenses with the most durable anti-fog solution on the market.


Help your patients escape annoying dangerous fog and introduce them to

Crizal lenses with Optifog.


To activate the Optifog lenses, simply apply one drop of the Optifog Activator to each side of the lenses once a week to enjoy fog free, glare free vision.  The Activator solution will last up to 6 months under normal conditions.

Package: Case of 20 bottles