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Nu-Cool Blue Edger Coolant (Quart)

Nu-Cool Blue Edger Coolant (Quart)
Self-Cleaning Edger and Generator Coolant With Built-in Defoamer
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $24.99
OptiSource has done it again by developing an environmentally friendly, chemically SUPERIOR Edger and Generator Coolant…Nu-Cool Coolant. Nu-Cool Coolant eliminates foam-overs FOREVER with its built-in defoamer! Our proprietary corrosion inhibitor requires you to change your edger bucket less frequently and prolongs wheel and machine life. No need for a costly separate defoaming product. Packaged in a 1-quart, EASY to pour container. RISK-free GUARANTEE! If Nu-Cool does not minimize or eliminate your foaming problems, OptiSource will send you OptiSource's Industrial Strength Defoamer FREE.

Unit: 1 Quart  

  • Universally cools, cleans, settles particles, and controls foam
  • Performs well on both plastic and glass
  • Guaranteed to eliminate all foam-overs
  • Made for both Edgers and generators
  • Integrated defoamer
  • SPECIAL detergent cleans out supply lines
  • Prolongs the life of edger wheels
  • Highly concentrated 80:1 ratio
  • Drain-safe, biodegradable
  • Performs when others fail
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