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Heat Transfer Fluid Gallon

Heat Transfer Fluid Gallon
The Only Truly Odorless and Biodegradable HTF That Prolongs the Life of Your Tint Machine
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $69.99

OptiSource's Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) is a unique blend that provides the benefit of corrosion resistance, high temperature operation and dye neutralizing for when dye accidentally spills down into the HTF. It is the slowest evaporating chemical known to man. Heat Transfer Fluid is completely odorless and biodegradable, making it safe for the user and the environment. Use OptiSource's OAA  award-winning HTF to protect and prolong the life of your expensive tint unit today.  It's the perfect preventive maintenance solution for any machine and every operation. *Change HTF every 6 months for optimal performance. *Ask about our gallon pump dispenser that makes change-outs so clean and EASY, you can change your HTF in a tuxedo or wedding dress.

Unit: 1 Gallon

  • Proprietary corrosion inhibitors protect and prolongs the life of machinery and heating element
  • Self-cleans with SPECIAL dye neutralizers - fluid stays clean longer
  • 100% odorless, drain-safe, and biodegradable
  • Slow evaporation rate conserves fluid to reduce chemical refill costs
  • Eliminates boil-overs
  • Safe enough to drink (not recommended)
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