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Dry Powder Dye Premium Black

Dry Powder Dye Premium Black
FAST-Dissolving Tea-Bag Style Packets Replace Messy Bottles of Dye
BRAND: OptiSource
Price: $6.99
Our popular, no-shift dyes are also available in convenient, dissolvable Dry Dye Packets. Simply drop a Dry Dye Packet into water and watch it dissolve into a concentrated dye bath. Each packet is factory sealed and inspected to ensure a consistent, quality product. These revolutionary dyes weigh less than 1 oz., are 3 x 3" in size and can EASILY be shipped in mailing envelopes for convenience. Available in Yellow, Blue-blocker, Sun Brown, Golf, Sahara, Rose, Red, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Sky Blue, Cool Gray, Brown, Alternative Brown, Gray, Green, G-17, G-15, PREMIUM Black, Black, and Alternate PREMIUM Black.

Unit: 1 Packet