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Crystal Plus (Gallon)

Crystal Plus (Gallon)
Guaranteed Not to Hard-Pack
ITEM: #06-DST6088G
Price: $49.75
PREMIUM Lens Polish / Crystal Plus II is a precision aluminum oxide polishing compound that works equally well on Plastic, Polycarbonate and High-Index Lenses. PREMIUM Lens Polish / Crystal Plus 2 is the BEST polish for AR Lenses. Baume: (22.5 - 24.5°), Particle Size: (1.7 micron).

Unit: 1 Gallon

  • Stock removal rate is more than 30% higher than the leading polishes
  • Long slurry life
  • Guaranteed not to hard-pack
  • Average particle size of 1.7 microns
  • 22-24 degs. Baume