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11-Flute Ball Cutter

11-Flute Ball Cutter
We Have Your Carbide Ball Cutters In Stock!
BRAND: Lab Pro
Price: $94.49
The Poly Crystalline Ball Cutter (PCD) is a Carbide Ball Cutter that is impregnated with diamonds that do the cutting. Carbide Ball Cutters look like metal lollipops with multiple cutting blades attached to it. Only Vista Machinery and Gerber Machinery use this cutting technology. *Ask about our retruing service: This 11-Flute Carbide Ball Cutter has a semicircle shape at the top and can be sharpened up to 6 times, or until it is ground down to approximately 18.2 mm and needs replacement. We also offer the 12-Flute (product code: 99-12FLUTECUT) and 3-Flute (99-3FLUTECUT). The 3-Flute only allows up to 3 cutting services. We will inform you if your Carbide Ball Cutters cannot be sharpened anymore.
  • Impregnated with diamonds which do the cutting
  • Metal lollipop shape with multiple cutting blades attached
  • 11-Flute can be sharpened up to 6 times or until 18.2 mm
  • Vista and Gerber Machinery only
  • *3-Flute and 12-Flute also available
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